An Unpleasant (but not surprising) Birthday Present

On Tuesday, I drove ten (yes, 10) hours to interview for a job that I felt I had a better than average chance of being hired for – a high school recruiter for Brown Mackie College in Cincinnati, Ohio. I drove at my own expense (actually, I had to borrow the money for gasoline from a relative because my unemployment benefits are half of my salary when I was working full-time). I thought the interview went well, but earlier this morning, I received the perfunctory rejection e-mail, which happened to fall on my birthday. Not exactly the way one wants to celebrate a birthday. It’s bad enough being unemployed and going progressively broke, but to be constantly rejected by employers for God only knows why is soul-crushing. I spend the majority of each day completing online applications only to be rejected. I’m trying not to take the rejections personally, but I’m not sure how else to take them. I just can’t believe that a Master’s degree in English isn’t enough to receive a job offer, smh. I’m at a loss as to what to do next. Should I keep trying to find work or just give up? 



~ by scholarlymama71 on June 7, 2012.

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